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Since 1850

The dynasty of Pinot Noir

In 1850, Count Augusto Giorgi di Vistarino was the first person to plant Pinot Noir in the Oltrepò, by importing the shoots directly from France and thus giving rise to the great sparkling wine tradition of the Oltrepò Pavese.

From the first year of activity up to the current generation represented by Ottavia Giorgi di Vistarino, the vision remains the same: to better interpret the noble grape variety by pursuing the highest quality while respecting the territory and its vocation.


The Family

The Giorgi di Vistarino Family, owner since the mid-15th century of a large agricultural estate in the municipality of Rocca de’ Giorgi in the Oltrepò Pavese, has helped to define over time the intimate link between viticulture and terroir within an oasis uncontaminated of great landscape and wildlife interest.

The responsibility of a legacy

Count Giorgi di Vistarino, son of Augusto, author of the spread of Pinot Noir in the Oltrepò, left us a legacy that is a great honor but, at the same time, an important generational responsibility: carry on his vision and his love for territory, preserving the environment and biodiversity, always aiming for excellence.
We do it in a unique place, where our family has lived in for more than 500 years, and for this reason we protect it with all our energy.

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The legacy

Different generations

The Vistarino dynasty is today represented by Ottavia Giorgi di Vistarino, who lives the legacy of the company with the grace of those who have the ability to make the past a parure to show off with elegance.

Ottavia carries an important legacy on her shoulders with the pride of someone who knows where to go, aware of the goodness of her ideas: to lead the family business while respecting its tradition, but putting character, future and personality into it.


A large family

The legacy of Count Augusto, in addition to flow in the blood of his niece, is embodied by a team of professionals who assist Ottavia in every moment of the process, sharing with her intuitions and working with enthusiasm because the past is a pride to be handed down from generation to generation.

The territory

Biodiversity at the center

The Estate covers 826 hectares, of which 200 are vineyards, almost completely covering the Municipality of Rocca de’ Giorgi. The generational changes have never questioned biodiversity, so much so that the company boasts large areas used as woods and rich wildlife areas.

Once the Estates were controlled by the inhabitants of the 30 farmhouses, today, after the feudal era, they are surrounded by a lively, natural and uncontaminated environment.

Pinot Noir is the protagonist

Today at Rocca de’ Giorgi, the hectares planted with Pinot Noir are 140. The Conte Vistarino winery, as well as fundamentally contributing to the spread of Pinot Noir in Italy, was also the first in our country to make wine according to the classic method in 1865.

Oltrepò means Pinot Noir

Since the end of the 1800s, Oltrepò has been synonymous with Pinot Noir both for the greater extension of the vineyards in Italy intended for the French grape variety, and for the recognized superior vocation, among others, of the Rocca de’ Giorgi area in the Scuropasso Valley.

With more than 3,000 hectares of vineyards, it is the third area in the world, after Burgundy and Champagne, for this multifaceted and difficult but extremely elegant vine.

The phenolic maturation is perfect: good alcoholic balance and great structure allow to obtain a strong territorial identity.

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