An Ad Hoc glass and an elegant packaging for the new Pinot Noir sparkling wine

The grapes, Pinot Noir 100%, selected and harvested by hand, come from two vineyards: Beretta and Santa Rosa, located between 200 and 400 meters above sea level, in the heart of the estate, which covers 800 hectares in Scuropasso Valley, in Oltrepò Pavese.


For both we have developed a painstaking winemaking process: after a soft pressing with a yield never exceeds 50%, the fermentation takes place in steel tanks at controlled temperature and the wines remain in the autoclave for 9 months (and therefore are defined more precisely “Long Charmat”) creating two very fragrant sparkling, velvety and aromatic.


The new Sparkling Charmat Conte Vistarino, dedicated vegans but also for all lovers of the bubbles, they have two “ideal jewel bottles” for chic cocktails and festive tables.