Denomination: Moscato IGT Provincia di Pavia

Vintage: 2015

Grapes: Moscato

Growing Area: Rocca de’ Giorgi

Alcohol: 5 %

Winemaker: Giacomo Barbero – Paolo Volpe

Quick Character:
young light ●○○○○○ aged full
sweet ●○○○○○ bodied
no ●○○○○○ dry
oak ●○○○○○ oak

Food suggestion: Best with desserts, and as a summer refreshing drink.
Winemaker’s Notes:
Colour: Light straw yellow colour with typical gold hues.
Nose: unmistakable, fruity, fresh and with typical grape aroma of banana, ripe white flowers, lemon and sage.
Palate: sweet, fresh, elegant and well balanced of sweetness and acidity, smooth with delightful long fruity and mineral finish. Thanks to the low alcohol content this wine is pleasantly easy to drink and enjoyable as summer refreshing beverage.
Residual sugar: 110 g/l.
Serving temperature: 8-10 ° C.
Cellaring:: 2 years

Difference is…
The unmistakable sweet and fresh aroma of this golden wine brings to the food the pleasure to compliment home-made cakes and hot summer afternoons.
No other around the world!

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