Charmat Rosé

VINEYARD: Beretta, Santa Rosa
VINIFICATION: Soft pressing of the whole grapes with a juice yield of up to 55%,
First fermentation in thermoregulated stainless steel tank, refermentation in autoclave
AGEING: up to 6 months on the lees
FOOD SUGGESTIONS: starters, fish and shell-fish based dishes and meat
ALCOOL: 12,5

Winemaking Process
The grapes are picked by hands in bins of 150 kg. The vinification involves the whole grape soft pressing, the pressing-machine are loaded by gravity with the whole grape. From 100kg of grapes are obtained at the maximum of the “flower” must 55-60l (qualitatively the best because more aromatic, acid, elegant), which is separated from the second pressing. After clarification, the clear must is racked and fermented with selected yeasts at a temperature of 18 ° C. After a period of aging in steel for about 6 months you start making wine for re-fermentation, it’s clarified and we made the so-called tartarical stabilization. At this point we refilling the autoclave re-fermentation and inoculation of selected yeasts. The second fermentation takes place at T of 18 ° C, and is aged up to 6 months before bottling. The colour depends on the extraction in pressing-machine Then we can bottling. it is preferable to wait a few months before consumption. Definitely improves with the aging in bottle, if stored properly.

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La cucina Italiana – Charmant Rosè
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