Pinot Spumante

DENOMINATION:Pinot Nero Vino Spumante
Winemaker: Giacomo Barbero, Paolo Volpato
Grapes: 100% Pinot Nero
Quick Character:
Young ○●○○○○ Aged
Light ○○○●○○ Full bodied
Sweet ○○○○○● Dry
No Oak ●○○○○○ Oak
Growing Area: Rocca de’ Giorgi
Alcohol: 12 % by volume
Food suggestions: Excellent as aperitifs, is very suggested whit bluefish and white meats.

Winemaker’s Notes:
Colour: pale-yellow. Fine and persistent “perlage”.
Nose: fresh, dry, intense like Pinot Nero have to be, floral and mineral.
Palate: dry, fresh of acidity, well balanced with a direct, austere Pinot taste and good persistence. A true Pinot Nero..
Serving temperature: 8-10 ° C.
Cellaring: 3 years.

Vineyard Information:
Pinot Nero arrive in Italy thanks to the Count Carlo Vistarino in 1865. Since the beginning Rocca de’ Giorgi Estate showed a special attitude for this grape. Wonderful grapes processed with temperature control technology and a very slowly fermentation in “cuve close” during 6 months are the simple secrets of this interesting sparkling wine.

Difference is…
Pinot Brut Conte Vistarino is the true version of the Italian sparkling wine. Loyal with the tradition but suitable for contemporary customer this wine take a place everywhere it is tasted:
Enjoy this original taste of Italy!

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